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In 2015, it will be possible to place limits on the size and operations of Santa Monica Airport. The question is, what will become of the land?

We support the City’s November ballot measure (Measure LC):

  • Measure LC mandates absolutely no new development on Airport land – except for public parks, open spaces, and recreational facilities.
  • It requires voter approval for any future development on Airport land.
  • Our City maintains the right to manage the airport in order to decrease noise and air pollution, and increase safety, or to close all or part of the airport and turn it into a park, which would mean an end to jets at SMO.

We oppose the Pilots’ ballot measure (Measure D):

  • Measure D creates new regulations to prevent any restrictions on jets, air pollution, noise pollution, or safety.
  • It provides absolutely no control over development, if all or part of the airport is closed.
  • Contains a deceptive loophole that would make it virtually impossible to ever change – even with a majority vote.

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