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Print your own Yes on LC, No on D Window Sign

Print your own YES on LC, NO on D sign!

Want to display the Yes on LC, No on D logo in your window?  Here are two PDFs you can download and print at home!

Click here to get the 8.5″ x 11″ version, and if you have a large-format printer, go here for the 11″ x 17″ one.

(If you’re having trouble retrieving the PDF, try right-clicking or control-clicking and choosing “Save link as…”)

Important: These signs may not be altered and are only for home printing and displaying, without any modifications. For consistency of the campaign, it’s import that the logo be identical everywhere it’s used, so alteration is strictly prohibited. Additionally, if you’d like to use the logo for any other purpose, please contact us for permission first.  Finally, if you see anyone using the logo in a way that seems improper, please notify us immediately. Thanks!

And if you’d like a free yard sign, please go here and fill out the form!


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