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We did it – It’s Our Land!

UPDATE – 11/24/2014: Measure LC nows stands at 15,434 Yes (60.45%), 10,096 No (39.55%) Measure D now stands at 10,288 Yes (41.19%), 14,688 No (58.81%) In other words the margin of both LC’s victory and D’s defeat are growing! —————- Hi everyone, We did it! Measure LC passed and measure D was defeated. The margins […]

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SMO in the News – November 2014

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during November 2014: With Measure LC Victory, City Council To Take Control Of SMO ( SM Mirror, Nov 7, 2014) Voters Defeat Measure to Prevent SM, Calif., From Altering Airport (NY Times, Nov 6, 2014) Opinions Vary on Reasons for Lopsided Ballot Measure Results (SM […]

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Continuous Descent Approach

Debunking the “Protective Bubble” Myth

The Measure D campaign has been falsely claiming that Santa Monica Airport “protects” the airspace above Santa Monica, keeping commercial aviation at higher altitudes. In reality, it’s not the Santa Monica airport that requires this–it’s the geography of the region and the orientation of the LAX runways.

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