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Here are a five ways you can show your support on social media!

1. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


2. Share these images.

Download these images to your computer (right-click and choose “Save As…”), and then upload them to Facebook or Twitter!



Analysis of Measure D

3. Update Your Profile Picture


We’ve set up a campaign at that will help walk you through the steps on Facebook and Twitter.  Go to the Twibbon campaign page, and follow the various green buttons to take action!  It will help you add the logo to your existing profile picture, and change your Facebook cover photo.

4. Change your Facebook Cover Photo

If you’d prefer to change your cover photo by hand, here are three images that will look great at the top of your personal profile page. Once you save the image (right-click or control-click, and choose “Save As…”), go to your Facebook page, and hover over your current cover photo and click “Change Cover.” Upload the picture, and set it as your cover photo. (Here’s some help if you get stuck.)

Yes on LC, No on D - Facebook Cover Photo

Yes on LC, No on D Facebook Cover Photo

Yes on LC, No on D Facebook Cover Photo

5. Change Your Twitter Cover Photo

And here’s an image, sized just right for your Twitter cover photo. Be sure to Right-Click (or Control-Click) and choose “Save As…” to save it to your computer, then upload it to your profile.

Yes on LC, No on D - Twitter Cover Photo


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