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SMO in the News – September 2014

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during September 2014:

Santa Monica Anti-Airport Group Backs Slow-Growth Slate (SM Lookout, Sept 30, 2014)
Rivals Trade Jabs Regarding Economic Impact of SMO (SM Lookout, Sept 30, 2014)
Few answers, many lawsuits a year after fatal SMO crash (SM Daily Press, Sept 29, 2014)
Parents of young woman killed at SMO take legal action (SM Mirror, Sept 29, 2014)
Editorial: Yes on LC, No on D (Santa Monica Next, September 2014)
Economic impact claim for SMO debunked – again (Santa Monica Dispatch, Sept 26, 2014)
Santa Monica Sues Heirs of Pilot That Crashed at City-Run Airport (MyNews LA, Sept 26, 2014)
Can This Airport Be Saved? (Air & Space Magazine, October, 2014)
Letters: Big Bang and the airport (Santa Monica Daily Press, Sept 23, 2014)
SMO Is More Than A Historical Landmark (SM Mirror, Sept 23, 2014)
Anti-airport sign defaced (Santa Monica Daily Press, Sept 22, 2014)
Breaking News:D is for Defacement (Santa Monica Dispatch, Sept 21, 2014)
Thank you Jeff Worthe … will anyone else step up to save our City? (SMDP, Sept 19. 2014)
Endorsements grow for Measure LC in battle for airport (Santa Monica Dispatch, Sept 12, 2014)
‘Backroom Deal’ Alleged in Council’s Selection of Bergamot Developer (Lookout, Sept 12, 2014)
Airport initiatives get cash support from developers, celebrities (SM Daily Press, Sept 12, 2014)
Airport-related measure on the November Ballot:LC and D (SM Dispatch, Sept 8, 2014)
Letter To The Editor: The Aviation Industry’s Dirty Little Secret (SM Mirror, Sept 6, 2014)
Letters To Editor: Why I’m Advocating SMO Should Be Parkland (SM Mirror, Sept 5, 2014)
SM Democratic Club endorses crucial airport measure (Santa Monica Dispatch, Sept 5, 2014)
Airport Commission to hear from tenants (Santa Monica Daily Press, Sept 5, 2014)
Sue Himmelrich Leads SM Democratic Club Ticket (Santa Monica Dispatch, Sept 4, 2014)

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