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Turn Santa Monica Airport Into A Park - SMO 2014

A vision for the future

If we are successful in passing initiative LC and defeating D, the control of SMO land will be in the hands of the voters. Learn about the movement to turn SMO airport land into the city’s biggest park once this occurs.

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Dangers of Santa Monica Airport - SMO crashes

Adverse Airport Impacts

This post gives an overview of the controversy regarding aviation at SMO, including a look at safety, pollution & health, noise, jets, Santa Monica city & tax payer finances and more.

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Santa Monica Airport Jets Noise and Pollution 2014

History of the Dispute

A history of the dispute over Santa Monica Airport ownership between the City and the FAA, as well as of the mounting opposition to the airport from the impacted residents in the surrounds.

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Vote to Close Santa Monica Airport 2014

The opposing ballot initiatives

Learn about the two different ballot initiatives related to SMO. The City’s initiative limits development & encourages the construction of a new city park. The aviation lobbyists’ initiative ensures no changes are made at SMO.

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